About the Project


Texas Christian University along with Professor Max Krochmal offered a class to allow students to work in groups to explore activist efforts in North Texas. For this project, a  group of four students focused on the activism, achievements and challenges of African Americans in Fort Worth during the time of  segregation. The group conducted various interviews that highlight experiences of segregation and actions during the Civil Rights Movement.

On this website you will find a detailed overview of Jim Crow life in Fort Worth, what members of community did to resist Jim Crow, and finally the outcomes of the Civil Rights Movement in Fort Worth. Through this method, we hope to convey a clear picture of life in Fort Worth during this time, as currently there is limited public information about the topic. We hope that this project  will inspire, challenge, enlighten and motivate its viewers.

Header Photo: http://www.carrborocitizen.com/main/2007/11/08/free-men-reunion-recalls-civil-rights-protests/ 

Photo courtesy of Jim Wallace- UNC News Services 

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