By conducting these interviews and other research, we have arrived at four distinct conclusions:

  1. Despite its self-characterization as a western town, Fort Worth was gravely impacted by Jim Crow laws.
  2. During the Jim Crow era, there were several major institutions that strengthened the black community in Fort Worth.
  3. During the Civil Rights Movement, people participated in action through various methods that were not always in sync with each other.
  4. Although Fort Worth did not have a giant unified movement, the activist and groundbreaking efforts of African Americans inspired change in the city and helped to implement changes in federal law.

One of the most important aspects of the Civil Rights era in Fort Worth is that the city often followed national legislation that mandated integration. Although the white power structure within the city tried to resist integration such as with the school system, they ultimately were willing to integrate in order to prevent local protests on a more massive scale.

While Fort Worth may not have made national news for protests during the Civil Rights Movement, there were definitely efforts in the city that inspired change. The conditions that were present during the Jim Crow era in Fort Worth were similar to those across the South, and those practices did not naturally subside. Even if the efforts by people in the Fort Worth community were not as dramatic as those of other cities in the south, many activists helped used a variety of methods in order to bring down the system of Jim Crow.

Roy Brooks discusses the future of the movement and progression in Fort Worth.

There were numerous people in Fort Worth who left an imprint on the community. Many have been honored by the city by either having schools, healthcare facilities, and other buildings named after them, or by having their names engraved in a pedestrian plaza near a local library. Examples of these acknowledgements are found

Opal Lee: Juneteenth Activities


Marjorie Crenshaw


Marion Brooks

Dr. Brooks is also honored by having a medical building named after him.

Roy Brooks

You can find information about Commissioner Brooks’ initiatives by clicking the link above.

James E. Guinn School

Now known as the Guinn School.

Viola Pitts Clinic

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